Good quality links are hard to come by and if you only have one good link among a sea of bad links, it’s time to reassess your link building strategy. In general, the greater the interaction you have with other sites, the faster your blog will grow in popularity and importance but there are lots of ways to direct your interaction to optimise your website’s ranking in Google.

Leaving your website URL in comment boxes and linking back to your favourite sites is, in essence, a very rewarding SEO activity. Not only are you getting your name out there but you are also bringing in traffic from different corners of the web.

But before you start placing links here, there and everywhere..STOP!

Not all links are rated equally well by Google.

Knowing which are links to go after and which are best to avoid will save you a lot of time and effort in the long run. The effect of poor quality links on your site’s SERPS can be bad and hundreds of Nofollow links will do your site very little good at all in terms of SEO. Building quality links is one of the most difficult parts of any SEO strategy, it is worth expending resources and energy in getting it done right (as possible) and adapting your strategy along the way.

Hobo SEO blog gives one of the best run downs of what makes a quality link based on their experiences. One of their most important points is that although some types of links can have a temporary good effect on rankings (e.g. link on blog post), long term rankings are based on a overall varied profile with links on related industry sites.

Determining the basics of what it is that makes a good quality link  isn’t too difficult; the main gist is to try and get links on real sites (not those who are just intended for making money) and which are topic related. The process of persuading others to link to you is what is difficult and time-consuming but one good link is worth the extra hassle.

Here’s a summary of good and bad sites to build backlinks on.

Good backlinks from:

+ Respected, authority, sites like government, university, newspapers, or Wiki.

+ Blogs which are very popular within your specific topic of interest.

Bad backlinks from:

– Directories or linkfarms

– Unrelated sites or sites with excessive external links

– Bad neighbourhood sites (Pills, Porn or Poker)

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