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The internet has fundamentally changed people’s behaviour. Today most of us depend on search engines to find what we are trying to look for (75% of people use Google globally stats by NetMarketShare).

When we search something on Google, we get back with a result page. This shows us a lot of websites Google found relevant to what we’re looking for. In the moment when we start reading the listings, all businesses should feel the importance of SEO and well optimized website, because:

  • the top listing in Google’s organic search results receives 32.5% of the traffic, the second position receives the 17.6% and the third 11.4% (stats by Chitika);
  • 75% of user never scroll past the first page of search results (stats by HubSpot’s).

With only two stats it’s easy to understand that if a business is not ranking on the first page of Google, it is losing potential customers every single day.

This is the prove that search engine optimization or SEO is no longer an option, it’s a necessity for all online businesses. And this is why they need an SEO hero.

Read who is an SEO hero!

Every business needs an SEO hero!


An SEO hero is not only an expert in the search engine optimization field, is something more. He or she, is an open minded and curious person, a perfectionist with passion for the internet, that loves the challenge with other people or, in this case, websites. Maybe it’s only a matter of attitude, but there are 5 key characteristics that make a person, a successful SEO hero.

1. Curiosity

SEO is not an exact science. For this reason curiosity should be the first key characteristic of an SEO expert. He or she should be curious about search engines behaviour. How search engines work? Why some websites rank better than others? What are the most important ranking factors?

What, why, when, who, where and how are the best friends of an SEO hero. Without an active mind it’s impossible to keep up-to-date with Google algorithm updates.

2. Continuous learning

You cannot learn search engine optimization “once” and be an expert forever. Google changes its algorithm frequently, so search marketers should learn new way to improve search engine optimization in accordance to new updates.

An SEO hero should be reading up on all the best SEO’s blog, book, online courses and then, put into practice what he/she has learned. Only with the experience of “doing” you can figure out what works, how works and why works.

3. Empathy

Search engine optimization is not all about a cold and unfeeling bot. SEO has its human side and it is very important (I suggest this post: The human side to SEO: the power of personas). What your visitors are looking for? How they search it on Google?

The ability to understand the feelings of other people (empathy) is crucial to determine user search intent.

4. Lateral thinking

An SEO expert is someone that should think outside the box. Why? Because with the ability to use a creative approach you can optimize terms that others miss.

He or she tries a reverse approach to its posts or pages. Looks at its website from different points of view and identifies alternative ways to use navigation, site functionality and general applications.

5. Lively mind

The last characteristic of an SEO hero is not focusing solely on a single ranking factor. For example there are website that are focusing on keywords and backlinks, but they don’t give an acceptable user experience.

As we already mentioned in the first characteristic, search engine optimization is not an exact science. Google’s algorithms rely on more than 200 unique signals so it’s a really bad idea focusing only on a small group of them.


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